About Book

The book is based on the adventure TV series K2K, which took TV host Subbu Peteti and camera person Krishna Gangadhar on a forty day trek across the stretch of India.

The unique characteristic of this journey is the peculiar conditions under which the duo traveled, i.e penniless and at the mercy of the Indian masses.

How they managed the food, place to sleep and the free rides is a page turning mystery to find out. They captured video messages from impromptu audiences on ‘World peace’ amidst several insults and rejections.

Each chapter concludes with a ‘secret’ for the reader. ‘Anti-aging secrets on the highway,’ is a real-life tale strewn with enduring life-lessons gathered from the trip of a lifetime.

About Author

Subba Rao Peteti, popularly know as Subbu Peteti, is a television anchor turned writer for Television, Film and creative agencies world wide.

Subbu Peteti is also a motivational speaker, a voracious traveler, a stand up comic and an adventurer with certifications in paragliding, bungee jumping and sky diving.

He now lives in Delhi, India, with his twin daughters and a single wife ( “honestly, single wife”-author’s note).

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